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About the Pastor

Phil and Dorcas have led Cornerstone since 2009. Prior to that Phil taught Geography at Lord Williams’ School in Thame. They met while teaching English in Xi’an, China, and they love Shaanxi cuisine! Dorcas was born in Malaysia and Phil was born in Scotland. They have two sons and a pet tortoise. Dorcas enjoys painting and Phil loves climbing mountains. Both are passionate about God’s creation and believe it’s an outstanding testimony to our Creator and His sovereign benevolence, though now tragically marred by sin.


Phil and Dorcas’ deepest desire is to see more of the presence and power of God made manifest on earth as it is in heaven. They love to study the Bible and pray. They have a heart for Israel and the nations, and long to see a fresh move of God’s Holy Spirit reviving His Church in Oxford and the UK.

About Us

Pastor's Message

I’m delighted that you’ve discovered us – welcome to the Cornerstone website! At Cornerstone Church you’ll find an unusually diverse range of people from many nations and with very different life experiences. However, we’re united in our love for each other and for Jesus Christ. We’ve found that He alone is the answer to our problems and pains, as well as the world’s! Our vision is to see God’s purposes fulfilled for each one of us, as we find our place in His family. We’re also getting ready for the return of King Jesus, which will be an awesome and glorious day!


Whatever you believe, we’d love you to visit Cornerstone and share your journey with us. You will be most welcome!


Love and prayers – Phil and Dorcas Herklots

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